Classifications of Hauntings

Class A – Classic Haunting

The classic haunting exhibits intelligence and can interact with people. These are the most fun but can also be hazardous. These little guys have been known to bite, hit, shove, kick, and throw objects at the heads of investigators. A few years back, one investigator stuck his head up in an attic where an intelligent “entity” was present, and suddenly had a piece of wire wrapped around his neck choking him. I suggest putting the camcorders in these “alien” locations before sticking your head in there. This way you can see what is up there.

Class B – Residual Haunting

A residual haunting is a “recording of time” that keeps playing itself over and over. Some speculate that these hauntings are residual “psychic” impressions left on the land or building due to extreme emotional stress.

Class C – Poltergeist Activity

This is usually activity conducted by a human agent, often times that of a pubescent child, thought to be creating a PK Burst or PSI activity. Upon MRI scans there is an increase in Theta brain wave activity, and the Pineal Gland seems to be overly active.

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