Student Stories about Isabella

In 2003, several freshmen were asked to share their experiences with the paranormal on Northwestern State University’s campus. The following contains many of those stories.

T. Bobb “The only ghost stories that I have heard were about Isabella. When we were in the dorm and heard a strange sound, everyone would be sure and say That’s Isabella coming to haunt us.”

H. McKenzie “I personally never encountered any weird occurences while residing in Sabine dorm. However, my suitemates told me that the shower was always turning on when no one was there. Also our rooms would always get really cold or really hot for a few minutes then go back to the normal temperature.”

T. George “Isabella was a French maiden who fell in love with a guy who was killed in a duel. On a stormy night, Isabella killed herself. It was said that she left a bloody handprint on the wall. After the mansion was torn down, Isabella moved from building to building. Her shadow often appeared on the mirrors and the walls.”

J. Anderson “I was in the shower one night, singing with my eyes closed, as I do most of the time. My back was turned away from the flowing water. Suddenly, I felt a strong, forceful push on my right shoulder. There was no one around, and I was in the shower alone. This happened about a month ago, but I know it is real because I do not smoke, so I was not high, and I was not drinking.”

C. Fogal “I know there used to be a room in Varnado Hall just for Isabella. When I lived in Sabine dorm, sometimes my roommates and I would talk about Isabella, and the lights would begin to flicker on and off. One time, the radio just came on in the middle of the night. We would always joke about it. ”

J. Kimble “One night in August of 2001, I was alone in my dorm room in Sabine. All my roommates had gone home for the weekend, leaving me by myself. It was late at night, around midnight, and as I was falling asleep, the tv kept turning itself back on. I would turn it off, and minutes later, it would turn back on. Nobody was with me, and the remote was on the floor. This happened several times throughout the night. I still don’t know what it was.”

E. Helaire “My friend Carl said that several years ago when the building across the street from the Texaco station was being renovated, they had a few problems getting in to do their scheduled work. First of all, the building was full of pigeons, and they could not get them out, and the pigeons were not friendly at all. Second, there were several times when a worker reported seeing a vision of a lady with long flowing hair, dressed in a long gown, standing in various areas of the building watching them. Her presence could always be felt. Carl said it is a known fact that Isabella still attends classes on campus.”

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