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As Louisiana's Oldest Town, Natchitoches is also home to some of Louisiana's oldest cemeteries, many of which are filled with both historical and spine-chilling information.

Natchitoches Haunted History Tour: October 31, 2009

cemetery-0661The Natchitoches Historic Foundation invites you to find out what’s haunted about Natchitoches while being terrifically entertained as it resurrects some of the most colorful characters in the history of the Louisiana Purchase. read more »

Buried Alive – from an 1878 newspaper

It is always with a feeling of horror that we read of a grave being opened and the finding of the fact that a burial had taken place before death had actually claimed its victim; and yet such cases are of more frequent occurrence than is generally supposed. Some very strange cases of persons being buried alive, and the manner in which the facts were brought to light, have recently been made public. One of the most remarkable of these is now presented as showing to what an extent this blunder has of late been carried on in the United States.
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